2004 Reunion, Washington, D. C.

All pictures submitted by Harold Thrasher Charlie Company 1/5, Vietnam, march 1967 to April 1968.

1. Taken at 1/5 memorial to honor our fallen. Picture taken on grounds of Base Chapel, MCB Quantico, Virginia Thursday, 12 August 2004

This picture is of those helping with the laying of 750 miniture flags with names of our fallen. Including those who have passed on since the war. In addition, our fallen were honored by a service in the base chapel. A tree was planted and a bench with a plague will be in place to represent those of our brothers that gave all there was to give. Left to right back rowl is Ernie Coleman, Gerald Regan, Chris Coleman, Suzanne Thrasher, left to right front row JoAnn Regan, Susan Poulin. 750 fLAGS

2. Picture left to right Gerald Regan, Suzanne Thrasher, Pamela Warr and Nick Warr with his green towel similiar to the ones we carried in Vietnam which can now be purchased as one of our 1/5 fund raisers. Picture taken during 1st Marine Division Association Reunion, held in Washington , D.C. August 2004. Green Towel

3. Picture taken at 1/5 memorial service to honor our fallen. Held at Quantico Base Chapel grounds, 12 August 2004 during 1st Marine Division Association Reunion held in Washington , D. C.
Memorial Service

4. Picture of Eugene and Mary Deedon taken at banquet, Washington , D. C. Reunion of 1st Marine Division Association. Submitted by Harold Thrasher, C1/5 Vietnam, March 1967/April 1968.Eugene and Mary Deedon

5. Pamela Warr, Nick Warr and Eugene Deedon at banquet of 1st Marine Division Association Reunion held in Washington, D. C. August 2004.
Pamela and Nick Warr and Eugene Deedon

6. Picture of LtCol Jennifer Graham, daughter of Capt. James Graham, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his gallant stand in the face of certain death during heavy fighting in Vietnam and Mike Galyean seated to her right. Picture taken during banquet at Washington, D.C. reunion. Thanks to Mike Galyean for forwarding this photo on a CD to Harold Thrasher. LtCol Graham and Mike Galyean

7. Mike and Mike.  With thanks to Mike Galyean who forwarded this to me via CD. Those Marines!!!!

Those Marines!!!!


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