All photos submitted by Pat Cosper

CH-46 resupply in the Arizona

Charlie 1/5, August 1969.
Left to right: "Docs" Teague, Fransene, Coyle, Cosper "Flipper", and Lanier "Norman the Stormin Corpsman".

Humping the Arizona.

Doc Cosper "Flipper"sitting on a tank destroyed by a road mine at Phu Loc 6.

Captain Satterfield, head honcho of Charlie 1/5.

In the Arizona:  Doc Cosper "Flipper" on left;  Lt. Meier on right by hooch.

An Hoa:  Sign outside Motor Pool area.

An Hoa: Med-Cap; Doc Poth with arm around mama-san; Doc York (background right).

An Hoa: Doc Poth and Doctor Bassett on Med-Cap.

Phu Loc 6; red smoke popped for incoming CH-46.

Arizona: NVA hammock; Doc Cosper "Flipper"

Arizona:  "B-40 Alley" - HQ Radios. Left to right: Gunny Holmes, Lt. McCarthey, David Thompson (looking over his shoulder), name unknown, Lt. Frank Satterfield, and Perry,"Chief" James BN radioman.

Top of Hill 65; looking toward river.

Hill 65:  Battalion Aid Station.

Top row, left to right: Doyle, Sgt. Big John, Doc Flipper.
Bottom row, left to right: Decker, Welch, Britain, Hilderbrand.

Arizona:  Doc Larry Miller (middle).

Sappers ignite old bridge at Phu Loc 6.

Phu Loc 6:  Old bridge.

Phu Loc 6:  North side of river.