Convoys Up to the DMZ (post-Hue), March, 1968. Bob Yates, Doc (Mike) English, Bob Lattimer, Ralph Kemper (far right, drinking from canteen cup). Submitted by Bill Lewis (1968).

Convoys Up to the DMZ (post-Hue, near Cam Lo), March, 1968. Left to right: Doc Chesley (KIA April 11, 1968), Doc Mike English, Sgt. Bill Lewis, and Bob Geladano (Giordano). Submitted by Bill Lewis (1968).

Doc Leonard G. Chelsey, KIA April 11, 1968. Submitted by Bill Lewis (1968).

Phu Bai Combat Base, Spring 1968. Lt. Nick Warr inside the Phu Bai combat base in a moment of rare relaxation. Submitted by Nicholas Warr.

"Angel of the Orient", December 1968. Picture of the USS Repose hospital ship, nicknamed the "Angel of the Orient" from the Korean War, taken by Ronnie Thrasher, US Navy. Many Marines, including Harold, spent some time on this ship off the coast of South Vietnam. Submitted by Ronnie and Harold Thrasher (March 1967-April 1968).

1st Sgt. Carl Stanford, Phu Bai, 1968. Of course, there were not many Marines like Top Stanford. He was (and is) the best. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with him in the office for part of my tour, until he rotated. I was medevacced from Hue City in late February and happened to be at the base in Phu Bai when Top needed a file clerk who could type. I got that job and I also got to drive Top's jeep. Fun. However, there were some scary moments, like when we moved from Phu Bai to An Hoa. I was sitting in the jeep with two sick bay commandos in the back, Top was talking to another officer, the convoy was getting ready to move out, and Top says, "We'll take point!" Submitted by Dick Fromm (1967-1968).

Unknown Marines, 1968. I think these are the two guys who went up into the second floor of the school in Hue City and killed 20 NVA in the nighttime. Submitted by Dick Fromm (1967-1968).

Ingram, 1968. Submitted by Dick Fromm (1967-1968).

Gilbert, 1968. Submitted by Dick Fromm (1967-1968).

Unknown Marines, 1968. Foxhole buddies. Submitted by Dick Fromm (1967-1968).

Office Crew, 1968. Jones, Willis, Neal, Edmond, Sweet, Ski. Submitted by Dick Fromm (1967-1968).

Unknown Marines, 1968. and PFC DAVID L. HARDMAN (Center, smiling) FROM PONTIAC MICH Submitted by Dick Fromm (1967-1968).

Tom Ladner, The Rocket Man, 1968. I would really like to shake hands with Tom Ladner. He was my best pal. We were in weapons. He was a rocket man, I was a machine gunner. We always talked about having a duel. I wanted to open fire at 1000 meters, he wanted to go 10 paces back to back. Submitted by Dick Fromm (1967-1968).

Dick Fromm and Tom Ladner, 1968. Submitted by Dick Fromm (1967-1968).

Bob Lattimer, 1968. Submitted by Bill Lewis (1968).

Dave Mains, Guam, 1968-1969. Dave Mains with Marine Barracks Company D Naval Magazine. Submitted by Dave Mains.

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