1st Marine Division Association
61st Annual Reunion
Nashville, Tennessee
August 26-30, 2008

Photos taken and submitted by Harold Thrasher, C1/5 Vietnam 67/68.
Robert (Sgt. Bob) Poulin, Charlie 1/5, Vietnam May 1967/June 1968.

1/5 Hospitality Room


Mary Ann and her husband, hero to all Marines, Navy Corpsman "Doc" John Chang in hospitatly room for 1/5 Vietnam Veterans and others wishing to join us. 


Mike short reading up on years past.

Left to right Rob MacNichol, John Wheeler and Eugene Benware tending bar or taste testing.

Col. Pete Hilgartner USMC retired visiting with Nicholas Warr.  In background is Sara Hilgardner and Joe Fenech.

1/5 Fund Raising Dinner

Photo of statue of flag raising on Iwo Jima presented to 1st Sergeant Carl (Top) Stanford at 1/5 Vietnam Veteras Fund Raising Dinner for him being there and taking care of a few kids still wet behind the ears.
Photo submitted by Robert Poulin


As always 1/5 Vietnam Veterans has a fund raiser dinner. Fun for all! --
This year a special recognition was given to "Top" Carl Stanford, 1st Sergeant of Charlie Company, 1/5 for his faithful service to his country and his devotion to his men in Vietnam . He was presented a statue of the raising of  our Nation's flag on Iwo Jima . He received a standing applause from those in attendance and many pats on the back from thankful Marines that served with him in Vietnam .


It is indeed a small world. John Mullan on the left was a recruiter at one time during his career with the United States Marine Corps. Sitting on John's right is Walt ( Ski ) Markowski. Ski was known by Mullan since he was approximately nine years old. Upon receiving his draft notice, John introduced him to the USMC and got his signature upon that line. Ski joined with 1/5 while the unit was at Hoi An,  South Vietnam in the latter part of 1967. While walking upon the sands of Hoi An, the two once again met up, having been assigned to Charlie Company 1/5. They are still friends to this day. Good job John! Picture taken during the fund raiser dinner held at the world famous Nashville Palace.


The fund raiser dinner was a great success with a good attendance of Marines, family and friends. There was a raffle for various items, excellent food, live band with a dance floor and a great opportunity to mingle. The following pictures were taken of the event.








Three Musketeers - Picture taken left to right of Col. Pete Hilgartner USMC ( ret ), Hillous York and Robert ( Sgt. Bob ) Poulin at the fund raiser dinner. Col. Hilgartner was one of our Battalion Commanders of 1/5 in Vietnam . Hillous York made a name for himself in Vietnam to carry on the tradition of his family name. Alvin York of World War fame and Hillous are kin folks. Hillous was also our point man for the 1/5 Vietnam Veterans Golf Tournament. Thanks Hillous. I heard that it was a great turnout and raised a lot of money for our cause. Robert Poulin holding up a bottle of wine in which he was the top bidder of two hundred dollars is always involved in a big way with our 1/5 organization.


Nicholas and Pamela Warr dancing at the reunion fund raiser dinner.

Dancing with the stars at the fund rasier dinner in the Nashville Palace .


The following Photos submitted by Ed Engel, C /1/5 Vietnam, October 1967-October 1968.

The Coleman's, Burke's, Engel's, Thrasher's and the Dula's 2008 Nashville reunion.


Suzanne Thrasher, Jerry and Linda Eledge with grandson and Ed & Janice Engel. 2008 Nashville reunion.


Victor Tyynismaa " in black and white shirt" 2008 Nashville reunion


1/5 Marines 2008 Nashville reunion.


John "Mother" Mullan and Pam Warr 2008 Nashville reunion.


Delbert Best,Ben Benware,Ed Ratcliffe and Stan Larson 2008 Nashville reunion


John Erskine and Top Carl Stanford at the 2008 Nashville reunion.


Harold Thrasher and Delbert Best checking out the General Lee at the 2008 Nashville reunion.










The Atrium

Photos taken inside the Atrium of Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Resort during 1st Marine Division Association 2008 Reunion in Nashville, Tennessee.
Photos submitted by Robert (Sgt. Bob) Poulin, Charlie 1/5, Vietnam May 1967/June 1968.


Nashville National Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee

No reunion would be proper without a memorial to honor our fallen. 1/5 Vietnam Veterans are no exception when it comes to our honor those men that we served with and did not get to bring home with us. Our memorial service was held in Nashville National Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee.  Each year we honor those that we served with.  If possible a tree is planted, a memorial brick laid, or a bench is put in place to let all know that we will never forget. This is a small way in whcih we can honor and remember those that we served with.

Our memorial services would not be the same without the colors that Robert Poulin provided us with.  Each company of 1/5 is represented by their own flag as well as our battalion, Pow-Mia flag and our national flag. Thanks Sgt. Bob for your dedication to 1/5 Vietnam Veterans.  We do appreciate your goodness and faithfulness to our organization.





Gerald Regan "Gerry", President of 1/5 Vietnam Veterans, during our memorial told the story of how we first met as Charlie Company in Richardson, Texas in 1998. We honored one of our own that year.  Ed Estes, was a young Marine who lost his life during the heavy fighting in Hue City during the Tet Offensive of 1968. His loss of life was a battle call to Gerry to gather up the men of Charlie Company for the reunion held in 1998. Gerry peronally called nearly each and every one of us for the first reunion of Charlie Company. From that gathering started what is now called the 1/5 Vietnam Veterans. Thanks Gerry for all that you do for us and for your organization skills that keep the 1/5 Vietnam Veterans growing each and every year.




After our memorial to all fallen, we went to another site to honor one of our own. PFC  Robert Wayne Campbell, USMC served with Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment of the 1st MarineDivision. He was from Tennessee having been born on March 16, 1949, prior to his nineteen birthday, he lost his life on February 5, 1968, in Vietnam.