Nam Photos 1967-68

All photographs submitted by Ed Engel, C1/5, Vietnam , Oct 1967-Oct 1968.

John Mullan, Vietnam mid 1967




Picture of bunker at Phu Loc, Vietnam.
During January of 1968 this combat base was
zeroed in on by the enemy's mortar tubes for nearly
three weeks.


Ed Engel cutting Morris Edmonds hair. Phu Bai , Vietnam , 1968


Picture taken of Bill Moses while Charlie, 1/5 was still at Phu Bai Vietnam , 1968
Lt. Nicholas Warr, Lt Webb, and Harold Thrasher in background.
Taken from LCU heading South in 1968 with Saipan in background. An unknown Marine looking at the camera


Ed Engel and buddies loading a chopper with supplies to be sent out to Charlie 1/5 in the bush. April 1968
Picture of VC taken prisoner by Marines 1968


Sgt. Phil Vecchio at Troui Bridge in Vietnam March 1968 with Sammy nicknamed Rock Ape.
Ed Engel with 1/5's gear at Da Nang Harbor. Charlie Company and rest of 1/5 moved gear from Phu Bai to Hue after battle for Hue during the Tet Offensive. On arrival at Hue, gear was loaded aboard LCU and headed via water to Da Nang Harbor. Next destination for 1/5 would be An Hoi. Picture taken approximately May or June of 1968. Landing dock at Da Nang Ed Engel with 1/5's gear heading to An Hoa Valley.


Hai Van Pass


Ed sitting at desk with many short timer calendars pinned up taken in 1968
Picture of John Erskine probably taken in 1968.


Pictue of Steve Hilton taken in Vietnam.
Date unknown.


Harold Thrasher and George Phillips on "The Mule".  Taken at Phu Bai 1968