2006 Reunion, Denver, Colorado
August 22-27, 2006

All photos in this section submitted by Harold Thrasher, C/1/5 Vietnam, March 1967 to April 1968

Group photo of 1/5 Vietnam Veterans, 1st Marine Division Association membership meeting on August 25, 2006, Denver, Colorado


August 22, 2006 - Ed (bumblebee) Engel and Harold Thrasher patiently waiting arrival of other 1/5 Vietnam Veterans for the Denver Reunion.



Ed "Bumblebee" Engel practicing his putts.

Nicholas Warr with his homemade putter--didn't work!!!!


John Mullan practicing his putts or posing.
Jim Doughtery is teeing off.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006.  Denver Reunion.  This day a hot contest of golf between the twosome of Ed "Bumblebee" Engel and Harold Thrasher against the twosome of Nicholas"Putter Maker" Warr and John Mullan broke into an even tie.  Posting of scores on our web page is not permitted as there may be other future challengers. Making it a five some was Jim Doughtery who kept the game honest and pure.  John Mullan made one heck of a put but he had no witness.  Harold Thrasher not shown as he was taking pictures and not paying attention to his golf.

Denver Skyline
Nicholas Warr is teeing off.


Membership meeting of 1/5 Vietnam Veterans Chapter, 1st Marine Division Association taken Friday, August 25, 2006.





Seated & facing camera is Ernie Coleman and Delbert Best.
Left to right is Joe Fenech and Jim Doughtery.


At the membership meeting, on the right facing camera is Chris Dyke, also facing camera is Benny Benware and with shoulder to camera is Ken Leach.




Gerald Regan and Nick Warr
John Mullan and Nick Warr


Gerald Regan, Nick Warr and  John Mullan

"Presented to Nicholas Warr with grateful appreciation for your outstanding work as our President, Secretary Treasurer of 1/5 Vietnam Veterans Chapter of The First Marine Division Association. Your dedication, leadership and organization skills set the standard for others to follow."


1/5 Vietnam Veterans fundraising dinner held at the Denver Reunion on August 25, 2006. 
Funds raised are used for donations to the First Marine Division Association general fund, scholarship fund, 1/5 Vietnam Veterans Memorials, care packages to active duty Marines of the 5th Marine Regiment, cost of newsletter and other expenses associated with our organization.

On right is Rick Materna
With drink in hand is Martin Berry

Seated is Ernie and Chris Coleman.
Patti and Delbert Best.

Stanley Larson
Front left to right is Ed Engel and Tom Ladner--rear left to right is Bob Poulin and Ed Ratcliff.

John and Kathy Mullan.
JoAnn Regan

Left is Martin Berry, man in middle unknown and on right is Sam "Frag" Felton.

Ken Leach and wife.
Pamela and Nick Warr

Ray Pistol and friend.



Ernie and Cris Coleman.
Benny Benware and Stanley Larson.

Man and his hat Sgt. Matt (Rick Materna) next to him is Martin Berry.


At the Denver Reunion on Friday, August 25, 2006, the Marine Corps Band from Marine Corps Base, 29 Palms, California, gave their all to entertain the First Marine Division Association members. One word describes their performance - "OUTSTANDING! "  They again performed at the banquet the following Saturday, receiving many standing ovations for both performances.





Memorial tribute to our 1/5 fallen brothers. Included the lacement of 750 miniture flags with the name of a brother on each flag.  Memorial took place at the Marine Corps Memorial at Boulder, Colorado during the Denver Reunion on Saturday, August 26, 2006.
Gerald Regan, President of 1/5 Vietnam Veterans, presented a check for $300 on behalf of 1/5 Vietnam Veterans to the memorial association.
Many thanks to those that braved the cold and rain to place the miniture flags in formation of a V.





Gathering of the minds--Jim Doughtery, Ernie Coleman, John Erskine, Delbert Best



First Marine Division Association banquet, Saturday, August 26, 2006, at Denver Reunion.

Harold and Suzanne Thrasher.

Left to right seated is Ed Engel, Robert Poulin, Ed Ratcliff, standing left to right is Harold Thrasher and first time attendee name unknown at this time.

Mike Gaylean holding up bottle of cheers.

Standing Ed Engel and Corporal Sara Pacheco (who comes from a family of Marines.)
Seated Robert Poulin & Ed Ratcliff.


Center R. H. Schollenberger


Serious discussion.

Center is Ernie and Chris Coleman.
Gerald and JoAnn Regan.

Center Rick Materna and Char Montigny, wife of Danny who was in guns and a squad leader.

Steve and Lana Hilton


Gerald Regan, President of 1/5 Vietnam Veterans Chapter, speaking to Honorable James H. Webb, Jr., who was one of the guest speakers at the Denver banquet.

Mr. Webb, a highly decorated Marine, was a Platoon Commander and Company Commander in the 5th Marine Regiment in Vietnam.  

former Secretary of the Navy is actively involved in politics.   In addition: to being the guest speaker at the banquet, he took the time to attend and speak at the 1/5 Vietnam Veterans memorial to honor our fallen earlier in the day. It is nice to have one of our own in politics, one who understands the Vietnam Veteran.  Many thanks to Mr. Webb.

Mike Gaylean speaking to Commanding General of First Marine Division, J. M. Paxton, Major General, U. S. Marine Corps. Who also was a guest speaker at the banquet on Saturday, August 26, 2006.  Picture taken during the banquet.


Denver Reunion Photos submitted by Sgt Michael Paul Mavar, Delta 1/5, 1965-66

1/5 Membership Meeting
Nick Warr at Membership Meeting


Look at this photo Meeting Serious Buisness............Hard Corps......1000 yard stare HeHe!!


Paul Young, Martin Berry, Sam "Frag" Felton, Michael Mavar


Primrose and Naiyana Mavar


Sgt Michael Mavar and Captain Jim Webb
After Banquet Photo


 Michael Mavar and  Sam "Frag" Felton at Memorial Service


Michael Mavar and Paul Young at Coors Brewing Company Memorial


Jim Webb and 1/5 Marines at Memorial Service


Denver Reunion Photos submitted by Sgt. Bob (Robert) Poulin C/1/5 VN, May 1967-June1968.

Jim Webb, Guest Speaker.

Left to right is John Erskine, Tom Ladner, Harold Thrasher in the hospitility room atthe Denver Reunion.
Membership meeting of 1/5 Vietnam Veterans during the Denver Reunion.

Membership meeting of 1/5 Vietnam Veterans during the Denver Reunion.
Harold Thrasher, Ernie Coleman and Ed Engel.

Harold Thrasher and Ed Engel
JoAnn Regan, Gerald Ragan, Ernie Coleman and Chris Coleman

Gerald Regan and Jim Webb
Discussing world affairs.


Photos taken at the Denver Reunion 2006, submitted by Eugene Benware, C 1/5, Vietnam , May 1967 June 1968.

Picture taken in Vietnam of Benny Benware listed as Benny Benware VN of those precious idle times.


Stanley Larson with John Mullan in background
Ed Engel


Robert Poulin
Ed Ratciff and Ernie Coleman,


Top Stanford
Nicholas Warr and 1st Sgt (Top) Carl Stanford,USMC (Ret)


Ken Leach
Tom Ladner and John Erskine


Harold Thrasher
Steve Hilton,


Tom Ladner