1st Marine Division – 65th Anniversary Commemoration

30 January – 2 February 2006      –      Camp Pendleton, California

LtCol Eric Smith

CO,1/5/1 -2005-2006

Iraqi Freedom

Colonel Bob ThompsonCO, 1/5/1 – 1968Vietnam
Nick Warr dedicating Memorial brick.

Maj Crabtree, LtCol Smith, (?), SgtMaj Blumenberg Photo by Cpl Thomas Sloan

Many thanks to MGySgt Harry Mixer, USMC (Retired) for his assistance and Stonemasonry.


1st Battalion, 5th Marines Color Guard

Photo by:  Cpl Thomas Sloan



Back Row :  Bob Henson, Ed Engel, Harold ThrasherFront Row:  LtCol Eric Smith, Colonel Bob Thompson, Col Leonard Wunderlich, Nick Warr,SSgt John Mullan, Jim GeracimosPhoto by: Cpl Thomas Sloan

The Dedication
Photo taken at Camp Pendleton memorial brick dedication of 1/5/1 Vietnam Veterans during 1st Marine Division 65th anniversary.
The attendance by active duty Marines, former Marines, families and friends was greatly appreciated.
Nicholas Warr, Col. Smith, and Col. Thompson (retired) did and outstanding job at this dedication.
Thanks to 1/5 Vietnam Veteran and Chapter Chaplain, Jim Geracimos for his invocation.Picture submitted by Harold Thrasher

A moment of silent prayer.

1st Battalion 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division Veterans and Guests attending the1-5 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Brick  Dedication Ceremony at South Veterans Memorial Park,February 1, 2006.

Camp Pendeton Golf Course


Past and present Marines of 5th Marine Regiment, taken at Camp Pendleton Memorial Golf Course,

January 31, 2006, during 1st Marine Division 65 year anniversary celebration.

Picture submitted by Harold Thrasher.

Camp Pendleton Golf Tournament
Left to right: Sgt Maj Chuck Dilree, Harold Thrasher, Ed Engel.
     Photo submitted by Ed Engel

Left to right: Sgt Maj Chuck Dilree, Colonel Bob Thompson, Ed Engel, Harold Thrasher.    


Headquarters, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, Camp San Mateo



Chow Down

This picture taken at 1/5 Mess Hall during 1st Marine Division 65th anniversary celebration at Camp Pendleton . 1/5 Vietnam Veteran Ed Engel flanked by Marines on left Barrera and Willis.  On right flank Wade. These Marines were assigned the duty of showing veterans around during the host day at Camp San Mateo .  Boy, have things changed since 1966. Many thanks to these fine young Marines who are very dedicated.

Picture submitted by Harold Thrasher


WMDs Click here to see Marine WMDs.


Field Mess

Before shooting the range they fed us all field mess. I think C-rat’s were better.

Submitted by Ed Engel


Everyone got a chance to fire the range with M-16. Ed Engel  and Harold Thrasher.

Photo submitted by Ed Engel.


All Ready on the firing line!

During 65th 1st Marine Division anniversary celebration at Camp Pendleton rifle range. Marine veterans got to relive live firing of the M-16 rifle. Twenty rounds of mine hit somewhere. I am not sure where but a lot of dirt was flying.

Picture submitted by Harold Thrasher

Old Smokey
Old Smokey at Camp Pendleton.  The new Marines call it ” Mother” Submitted by Ed Engel.
  Liberty Call   Liberty Call
Old ITR QuonsetsSubmitted by Ed Engel
Liberty Call
Nick Warr, John Mullan, Harold ThrasherPhoto submitted by Ed Engel




Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Pier, looking back towards Oceanside . Many Marines have set foot on this pier during their liberty while visiting Oceanside . Can nearly see the footprints.

Picture submitted by Harold Thrasher.


Oceanside Harbor Marina



Sunset in Oceanside

Picture taken off Oceanside Pier
during 1st Marine Division 65th anniversary celebration.

Submitted by Harold Thrasher .


1stMarDiv 65th Anniversary Report by Corporal Thomas A. Sloan, United States Marine Corps